Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What’s Cooking in the CBJ Kitchen?

Recipe for Disaster

1 pound of Hitch Hockey, heaping
1 Wall of Mason, crumbled
1 Large Lack of Defense
9 Injured Players
2 Conditioning Issues
9 Game Franchise Losing Streak
3 Cases of Olympic Pressure
1 ounce of Effort
4 Game East Coast Fiasco
146 Goals Against
1 Nikita Filatov Distraction
1 healthy splash of Arena Financial Troubles
1 Lack of Syracuse Depth
2 Sophomore Slumps
8 Shootout Losses
4 Constantly changing lines

Pinch of Scoring (optional)

Mix all ingredients together. Sprinkle pinch of scoring on top (optional). Serve cold. Serves 29.

Recipe for Success

1 pound of Hitch Hockey, heaping
6 Players Returning from Injury
122 Goals Scored
4 Lines of Special Teams
1 Best Franchise Start
1 Olympic Snub
1 Checking Line
60 Minute Team Effort
1 Alberta Sweep
2 Surprising Crunch Players
3 New Players
7 Olympians
2 Stanley Cup additions
1 Community Outpouring for Kindersley Ice Rink Fire
1 healthy splash of Prospect Depth
1 Total Team Chemistry
1 NHL Star of the Week

Mix all ingredients together. For best results, do not make any substitutions or omissions. Serve steaming hot. Serves 18. Garnish with a shutout.

I wonder which recipe the Blue Jackets are planning on using for the remainder of the season…?

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