Thursday, January 28, 2010

Help save the Blue Jackets

A group of Central Ohio residents has created a website and "grassroots adovcacy" group called Forward Together Columbus with the intent of mobilizing public support for a positive solution to the current arena lease stalemate.

Support for NHL hockey in Columbus aside (I think that's a given on this blog), it's worth considering that the Columbus Arena District is an economic engine for the region, an impressive sign of civic renewal on what was a dilapidated old state penitentiary and a model that other cities are actively following.  In this lousy economy, it's one of Ohio's very few genuinely bright lights.

So take a minute, go to the Forward Together Columbus site and ad your name to their online petition that says:
To: Whom It May Concern

From: Forward Together (

We, the Undersigned, hereby express our support for a solution to the financial problems that
threaten our city, the Arena District and the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team.

The economic benefits of the Arena District, area businesses, residents and the Columbus Blue
Jackets hockey team are far too important to place at risk. We understand it is a difficult challenge, but we have faith in our collective ability to find a path that works for everyone involved, including us - the taxpayers.

We need to come together to solve this issue and allow downtown Columbus and the district to
continue its decade-long streak of success - a credit itself to our community leadership thus far.

Our entire city is now going through the most difficult period of our lifetimes. The last thing we need right now is another major economic loss to complicate matters and set us back even further. We must maintain a long view toward prosperity, by considering the value of what we already have right here.

We must have the resolve to do what is necessary to get through this crisis, while never lowering our sights in the process. As a regional center of entertainment and vitality, we are well on our way with the River South District, the Arena District, the Scioto Mile and Huntington Park.

Let's keep the momentum strong in Columbus. Let's figure it out and find a solution. We know we can do it if we all work together to support the effort.

The Undersigned

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