Thursday, August 12, 2010

CannonFest - Jacket Backer giveaways; Bubble Hockey!

We've known that the Jacket Backers - the official fan club of the Columbus Blue Jackets - was going to take a role in CannonFest.  What we didn't know was that the club comes bearing gifts!

Yup, they're bringing Jacket Backer shirts and pucks, as well as a few player-signed items.  The one that you need to know about, though, is an 09-10 TEAM-signed CBJ wooden sign. That would be the entire pre-trade deadline roster.  This is a pretty sharp item, I've been told, and there will be a special raffle for it.  Only $1/chance, I believe.

The Jacket Backers do much, much more than just show up with swag, however.  They organize road trips, game watches, arena tours and tons more.  Learn more about this great group at CannonFest!

And, at the 11th hour, Buffalo Wild Wings pulled off the unthinkable: They're bringing in a Bubble Hockey game for CannonFest!  So I suppose this image isn't entirely accurate any longer...

I'll see everyone on Sunday!

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