Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A CannonFest primer - and a coupon!

Just in case any of you didn't get the point behind this whole CannonFest concept:

That's right: Hot August weather plus good food and beverage plus hockey talk equals happy people.  It's that simple.  So come out to BWW's on Sunday afternoon and join in the fun!

If that isn't enough, Buffalo Wild Wings has a third coupon for you:

There will also be giveaways (from both BWW's and the Jacket Backers), nearly every CBJ blogger we could find and even a special guest!  Yup, Todd Sharrock, Vice President for Public Relations for the Columbus Blue Jackets is planning on spending a little time with us to munch on wings and talk CBJ.

Should be a really good time.  Hope to meet you there!


  1. @Superjacket:

    According to BWW's, you can use all 3 coupons during CannonFest. Quite a deal!


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