Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jackets fans: A Call to Arms

Just in from Tom Larrow (aka Skraut), creator of so many incredible Columbus Blue Jackets fan videos:
As a way of saying thanks to everyone I met at CannonFest, and all the kind words I've received over the years for my videos, I'd like to create a video which incorporates the work of my fellow Blue Jackets fans. Instead of putting together something comprised solely of video, I'd like to include photos taken by Blue Jackets fans.

What I'm looking for:
The theme for the video is “A Call to Arms” and I would be interested in seeing the photos that Jackets fans have taken which could fit the theme. Have pictures of the players during the game? Send them in. Photos of fans taken around Nationwide Arena on game day? Great! “Artsy” pictures of your jersey or the CBJ logo? Cool. Ever been to a Civil War Reenactment? Send me your pictures of the guys in blue. Any other thing that says Columbus Blue Jackets to you.

What I'm not looking for:
Pictures taken by somebody else. Please don't Google Image Search your favorite player and submit the first Getty or AP Image you find. The goal of this is to be something put together BY and FOR Blue Jackets Fans. I don't care if it's your favorite photo, or if you think it's cool. If you didn't take it with your own camera, please don't submit it.

How to Submit Your Photo:
Please email your photo to the temporary email address Also please include how you would like your name to appear in the credits.

I have a few visions for how this video may look when it is done, but a lot will depend on what kind of pictures I get. This is pretty exciting for me as I'm going in a bit blind. I'll know what my options are when I see what has been submitted. I can't promise every photo will be used, but if I can work it in, I will.

Thanks everybody for your help with this, I hope to have something together for the season opener.


  1. What resolution are you looking for. I'm sure you dont want us sending the largest size photos we have. That would fill up your box in no time!

  2. Please send the largest files you can. The better quality I get in, the better quality video I can make. The reason for using Gmail was because of the large amount of disk space they give you.


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