Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The previews are coming! The previews are coming!

Hope springs eternal in the hockey world around this time of year, and the Columbus Blue Jackets fan base is right in the mix.  Season previews of all shapes and sizes are popping up from bloggers and "mainstream" media alike.  In case "Time to step up" hasn't satisfied you, check out these links for some additional insights on the Boys in Union Blue:
Some of these multi-part previews are works in progress, so I'll update this posting with links as they pop up.

And here are some more standard season previews:
As for "Time to step up," I hope to get another blue-liner or two in this week but have to prep for an intensive weekend of school.  Next week should be a tad better.  I'm still hoping to be done with my previews by the time training camp starts...cross your fingers!

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