Thursday, October 21, 2010

CBJ draft-related trade option surfaces

Among the other blogs I follow is, an Edmonton Oilers blog that - among all sorts of other good insight and analysis - is following the progression of "Oil Change," a TSN documentary/reality show that chronicles some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans maneuvers of the Oilers and their leadership in the leadup to the 2010 National Hockey League Draft and, eventually, through the 2010-2011 season.

Was Scott Howson offered 30-year-old scorer
Simon Gagne for the number four overall pick?
Episode 2 just aired.  Among all of the other goodies about things Oil-related, check out this nugget related to the Columbus Blue Jackets:
...a scene with [Oilers GM Steve] Tambellini reporting to [Edmonton owner] Daryl Katz on some discussions that [Oilers President of Hockey Ops] Kevin Lowe was having with Scott Howson. One would have thought the general manager would lead those discussions but who knows. Tambellini discusses a move that Howson has available to him - he can acquire someone from the Philadelphia Flyers for the fourth overall pick. They don’t want to say who they’re discussing, so they just loop some audio over his name. It’s hilariously obvious. Plus, when Katz follows it up by laughing that Howson won’t take on $5.5MM, you can be pretty certain he’s talking about Simon Gagne.
Wow. Simon Gagne would have been an interesting pickup for the Columbus Blue Jackets. I'm not entirely certain that I'd give up the Johansen pick for Gagne, but the mind wanders when thinking about what could've been. The instant gratification component of Gagne in the CBJ lineup this season is deliciously compelling.

We all pretty much knew that Scott Howson was shopping the CBJ's first round pick hard, but I don't believe that we learned the substance of any possible trades.  Now we have an inkling of what was in play.  It doesn't affect anything related to this season because no trade was consummated, but the backstory sure is interesting.

Back to your regularly-scheduled CBJ regular season...

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  1. Wow. Very interesting, that, but if Columbus had bitten, you have to think that there would have been another cost. Juice, perhaps, in a deal for the blue line? It would have evened out the salary issue, that's for sure.


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