Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slap Shots: Fox Sports Ohio pipes in; What do you think?

To the readers who wonder whether Fox Sports Ohio actually reads the blogs to learn what the people are saying, I can only share my experience.  I had to take care of some business this morning and returned to an email from Kate Buddenhagen, FSO's Communications Manager.  In it, she clearly let me know that she read my review of the new FSO "Blue Jackets Slap Shots" show.  More pertinent to CBJ fans, she also said:
In regards to your first suggested note, I wanted to let you know that we do have a guaranteed time slot for the show. Fans can catch the new show every Monday at 6pm. Replays will also run during the week surrounding Blue Jackets games.
So set your DVR's, everyone. And that includes you, too, Cleveland-area fan.  "Slap Shots" isn't just a Columbus thing.

Now that it's confirmed that FSO is checking in on us, let's share our additional thoughts and ideas for the show in this thread.

Beyond the concepts I tossed out in yesterday's post, one additional idea that I was mulling over this morning was the idea of seeing a video version (perhaps in installments) of the awesome XM NHL Home Ice "Hockey Diaries" radio special.  This could be pretty easy, actually: Give a player a Flip-style video camera for a week and ask them to not just film the locker room/on ice stuff but also out and about around town, and perhaps also some of the more candid thoughts like those that Mike Knuble and Tyler Sloan offered in "The Almost Season."  Surely FSO would have to sanitize the content for family viewing (and CBJ approval), but I bet it would still be very compelling content.  This idea really isn't that far out there, seeing as Mike Commodore already has been using his Twitter account to post photos of his and Derick Brassard's excellent adventure across Sweden.  Also, the NHL has sanctioned this type of content with the forthcoming HBO Winter Classic-themed "24/7" series.

What else do you think that a "Slap Shots" show could offer, CBJ fans?  Post your ideas in the comments -- I'd guess that the crew at FSO will be checking in!


  1. I wish I could believe that Fox Sports Ohio was dedicated to broadcasting the Blue Jackets in the Cleveland market. I look at the electronic billboards on I-90 advertising to watch the next Jackets game on Fox Sports Ohio and I wonder why they waste their money. Sure they might get a few new fans who turn in to watch, but starting the 27th, it'll be virtually impossible for those fans to watch the Blue Jackets on FSNOH in Cleveland due to the Cavs.

    The Cavs have 81 games on Fox Sports Ohio. Of which, coincidentally, 81 are in High Definition.

    This season the Blue Jackets and the Cavs play on the same night 40 times. So for nearly 1/2 of the games, a North East Ohio Blue Jackets fan is going to have to wonder "What channel will the game be on? How much of the game will I have to miss while I wait on hold with Time Warner trying to get them to turn on the alternate channel? Why can't I DVR the game? The Cavs game is an early game, will I have to sit through the full post game, or will they eventually switch over?"

    That also means there are 42 other games where a North East Ohio Blue Jackets fan has to wonder: "Will the game be on tonight, or will they show another re-run of 'Josh's Cribbs'? Or maybe it'll be the Cavs Recap show. My DVR is set for the game, wonder if I'll record 3 hours of poker again? It's Friday Night, are we going to get the Blue Jackets, or St. Ignatius?"

    I'm sorry if I sound frustrated but I find it very ironic that Fox Sports has chosen the slogan "Get What I Paid For" in response to their dispute with Dish Networks. As a North East Ohio citizen who purchased Cable TV solely to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets, I never got what I paid for. For 4 years I went back and forth with Time Warner blaming Fox Sports Ohio for the scheduling conflicts, or not sending the right feed to the right channel, and Fox Sports Ohio stating they gave Time Warner permission to run multiple channels and that it is their fault for not running it. One Fox Sports Ohio representative I spoke with suggested I switch to Satellite, like say "Dish Network"

    As far as Slap Shots goes, I'd love to be able to watch it, but as Fox Sports Ohio can not put the episodes online, I am unable to watch it. After 4 years of fighting I gave up and turned to Gamecenter Live. The games are blocked out for me live (because I live in the area coverage of Fox Sports Ohio) but I can watch them 48 hours later. It's frustrating to wait, but at least I will be assured of eventually seeing the games. Something I never had with cable.

    Like a player "turning it up" in a contract year, Having Slap Shots seems like something that is thrown in as a way for Fox Sports Ohio to generate more brownie points when their contract is up. They've had similar shows for the Cavs, Reds, and even teams they don't cover, like the Browns and Indians. Yet the Blue Jackets were absent from the list until this year.

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Jackets getting extended coverage, and I like what Fox Sports Ohio has done to bolster their Online presence with Eric Smith, but I have gone through way too much frustration with the channel, just simply trying to "Get What I Paid For."

  2. Well if FSO is checking in then I say GET MY GAMES BACK ON DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so sick and tired of being a pawn. settle the differences. YOU ARE BOTH AT FAULT. quit blaming the other guy. The fact is NEITHER FSO or Dish Network truly care about the viewers. Its solely about the money.


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