Friday, April 1, 2011


OK, so I just wanted to use this graphic again.  There's some delicious dark humor to it, dontcha think?

While we're here, though, let's take a moment to reflect on the season that started so unbelievably strong, crumbled like dry breadcrumbs only to show signs of life before running out of steam about 5-6 weeks too early.

And that summary, my friends, reflects what is (from a standings point perspective) the second-best season in team history.  No wonder the natives are restless.  We're sick of the losing, sick of the half-answers.  I can't blame people for not renewing their ticket packages.  How else can they get the message through to team management?  Maybe, just maybe, management IS getting the message this time.  (Disclosure: I actually boosted my package from a six-game pack to a 10-game pack, shared with a friend. More games, less cost!)

Still, Columbus IS one incredible sports town.  I look at the support that folks around here give to the Columbus Crew MLS team as an indicator that you don't have to sport the scarlet and grey to get local support.  You just need to be competent and competitive.  You need to give the fans something solid to cheer for.

Despite my rather overt frustration recently displayed on this blog (and trust me, there's plenty of to-be-vented frustration on the horizon), I still believe in the Columbus Blue Jackets.  But there's no getting beyond the fact that, once again, the CBJ aren't going to the post-season.

And that stinks.

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