Monday, April 18, 2011

LOFT and the Forwards; Audience Participation Please

Again I want to turn my attention to a great post over on Light the Lamp about LOFT or Lack of Flippin' Talent, although LTL pronounces it a little bit differently.  To recreate their Tier system:

Tier   Type of Player      Pts
  I      Generational         5
 II      Elite                        4
III      All Star                   3
IV      Star                        2
 V      Above Average    1

The total points of the CBJ core is about 6 while for the Redwings it is about 16.  Until we get our Tier scoring above 10, we simply don't have the talent to compete in the NHL. 

In our 'Demolition Experts' post we looked at Defensemen who might seriously move our LOFT ranking.  No shocks in that list of free agents.  But we need at least two of them to radically change our cumulative LOFT rating.  Forwards are not so easy.

So I propose that the only thing that really matters to the CBJ is goals.  You can accumulate a bunch of points, i.e. Juice, but what this team needs is the biscuit in the basket.  So I propose:
Generational = Crosby
Elite = 35+ goals
All Star = on the all star team
Star = 25 + goals
Above Average = 20 goals.

Audience participation time.  What do you think of these rankings?  Once I get some feedback, I'll go through the free agent forwards.



  1. I like the rankings but would suggest making the All Star designation a healthy scratch. It's meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Perhaps some accommodation for assists? I know that they're not goals per se, but they are often needed to make goals happen.

  3. Perhaps the All Star ranking could substitute for the points? Anyone who didn't get enough points to be an all star wouldn't count. Though Greg makes a darn good point.

  4. Hey, Greg, do you do your blog anymore? If not, I'll remove the bookmark.

  5. Pete: I'm still doing the blog, but very sporadically of late. So many girls soccer and lax games, so little time. Once things settle down I hope to get back at it in time for what promises to be an interesting off-season.

  6. There are more possible dimensions to model talent (goaltending, faceoffs, defensive play etc) than you can hope to capture in a reasonably simple analysis. So given you can't incorporate everything I think your categories are pretty good. I'm looking forward to what it leads to analysis wise.

    Buddy Bill


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