Friday, July 1, 2011

CBJ does Biz with Wiz- LOFT!

Thanks to my buddy Bill for title!  Today the CBJ added James Wisniewski to the roster in a bold pre-Free Agency move, trading for the young offensive defenseman (with a gritty upside) by obtaining the rights to talk from the Habs with a 5th round pick.  Scott Howson closed the deal prior to the start of Free Agent frenzy.  This young defenseman's numbers compare very favorably with the prime offensive defenseman on the open market Christian Ehrhoff.  This move has a distinct impact on the LOFT tiers of the CBJ.   We are a better team today then we were yesterday, a statement we could make after the Jeff Carter with a straight face.  We can do it again.  It is a new day in CBJ land.  Tiime to take a look at our new LOFT tiers, a concept courtesy of Light the Lamp.

Wiz is not yet an all star, so his LOFT tier should come in at at Tier 5, above average player.  That gives the CBJ the following:
Name          Tier          Points
Nash               3                3
Carter             3                3
Umberger       5                1
Vermette        5                1
Tyutin             5                1
Wisniewski     5                1
Total                               10

A ten point LOFT total is comparable to teams the make the playoffs.  Before the moves that Howson made, we were at a 6 LOFT total.  Wiz makes the all star team, and we come in with a LOFT total of 12, comparable to teams that go deep in the playoffs.

Its a brave new world out their Jackets fans!  Howson made other moves to give the organization more depth, but at the end of the day, we added talent.  Which is where we were short.  This team has the talent to make the playoffs.  Now they need to put it together!


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