Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spreading the CBJ blog love

Two quick notes:
  1. If you don't read Matt Wagner's daily installments of "Shrapnel" over at The Cannon - here's the latest - you're missing out.  With wry wit and incredible restraint, Matt presents links covering the last 24 hours in the blogosphere, Twitter world and the "big boy" media.  It's largely Columbus Blue Jackets-related, but he's not bashful about including other big stories from around the hockey world.  Must read.  Every day.  
  2. As a good CBJ fan who happens to blog, John at Light The Lamp has had his share of dark days in writing about the Columbus Blue Jackets.  His latest post, "Bury Me With My Guns On," is a 180-degree turnaround...a hopeful discourse on the offseason turnaround of the CBJ organization from top to bottom.  By and large, I share his change in impression about what's happening on Nationwide Boulevard.  Let's hope that our hope turns into reality in 2011-12. 

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