Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DBJ's 5 thoughts about Game 27: Montreal

Columbus 3 - Montreal 2 (shootout)
8-16-3, 5th in Central Division, Tied for 14th in Western Conference
The Columbus Blue Jackets closed out their four game road trip at the Bell Centre in Montreal with a 3-2 shootout victory over the host Canadiens.

1. Climbing out of the sub-basement - The glacially slow recovery from the disastrous start to the season continues, with the Jackets grabbing four out of a possible eight standings points on this roadie.  The 14th place Anaheim Ducks are in the first period with the LA Kings as I type, but the CBJ now have 19 points...putting them in a tie with Anaheim for 14th. To the best of my knowledge, the Jackets haven't been out of 15th place since Game 4.

2a. MADDENING QUESTION: What is it about the 19th minute? - Montreal's two scores came deep into the final minute of the first and third period.  Simply put, the Blue Jackets collectively let up going into the intermission.  As such, the game never would have gone into overtime had the CBJ played through to the end of the period.

2b. MADDENING QUESTION: What exactly do they do in practice? - I was stunned at the number of fantastic breakaway opportunities that couldn't finish.  Beautiful pass, beautiful pass....whiff.  Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.  Mind you, most of those involved...

3. Mr. Glass - In his second game back after returning from long-term injured reserve, Kristian Huselius left the game with a lower body injury (apparently a groin injury).  And while I never wish injury or illness upon anyone, I'm glad that he left the game because it was increasingly clear that Juice had next to no game sense.  He was missing passes, missed shots...just looked out of sync with the NHL game.  In my opinion, he needed some rehab time in Springfield.  Scott Arniel, who apparently was pushing Huselius to return, felt otherwise.

4. One sweet shot - Rick Nash had the game winner in the shootout - the only score in the skills competition - and it was gorgeous.  (When/if the Blue Jackets load the shot into their embeddable viewer, I'll update and post.)  I've been very frustrated with Nash's play this season - he's not coming close to the level of performance that one should deliver when they're singlehandedly eating up $7.8 million of the team's payroll - but you have to give credit when credit is due.  That was a great goal at a great point in time.

5. Enter Sandman - Curtis Sanford probably still isn't the answer for any extended period of time, and it's downright scary to keep trotting him out there game after game (this was his 10th straight, I believe), but he looked darned good tonight.  Sanford is playing with a degree of confidence and maturity, and the team is doing its darndest to keep pace.

NEXT UP: Thursday night, 7PM, at Nationwide against Nashville.  Bring your mustard bottles...


  1. Lol. I hadn't seen that shot of the Green Men yet. They are classic. Cross defensive ice pass in the late 1st by Wiz was a brutal and senseless push. Had it connected it would likely have led to nothing at all, so just play it up the boards and take the lead into the intermission. Worse was his attempt to intercept a pass using his stake (??) two feet in front of a moving Sanford. But you're really not paying him for his defensive smarts, so why is he even on the ice when the team is up by one with a minute left? Maybe Arniel is the one who could use a little more time in the Minors. How long will Huselius be out this time?


    Nothing more need be said. Keep that groove going.

    It's harsh when I have to watch my beloved Glorieux take a loss, but I'm a big boy now and, frankly, I've gotten more and more used to it over the years. :)

    At any rate, it's about hockey, not just about I like this team, that team etc.

    I'm not surprised about the Jackets turning things around. I knew this was going to happen. It's awesome.

    BTW, you did notice that the Jets finally smashed the Bruins winning streak? Like I said, they don't suck ;)

    GO Jackets!

    - Joe Habs/Canucks fan - and Jackets fan!


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