Thursday, December 1, 2011

Other Paper interviews CBJ GM Scott Howson

Steph Greegor at The Other Paper gets 16 good questions in on the Columbus Blue Jackets general manager.

I'm a bit incredulous over Howson's assessment of head coach Scott Arniel:
Win or lose, all of us believe he's a very good coach. I just think it was an unfair evaluation of him, those 10 or 12 games with people missing from our lineup. I just think he needed some more time to put his stamp on this group. We know he's a good coach and we believe in the things he's doing and that was an organization-wide commitment.
Really?  Unfair to judge him when players are out of the roster?  (Because Dan Bylsma can't be judged for taking the Pittsburgh Penguins to the playoffs sans Sidney Crosby...oh, wait, Bylsma got the Jack Adams Award for that incredible coaching workaround.)  And he needed more time?  It was 20 percent of the season (not to mention that he had an entire season before this to put his stamp on the team) much more time should he have received?

Regardless of my misgivings, it's always good/important for CBJ fans to read and understand the public utterances of top management.  As such, I suggest it's a must-read.

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  1. Why does Howson look like Agent Smith from the Matrix? Coincidence? I think not, Mr. Anderson.


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