Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DBJs 5 Thoughts on Game 50: San Jose

Steve Mason Practicing Giving Up Rebounds
Tonight, er, uh, this morning the Columbus Blue Jackets got pushed off the ice by a bigger, badder San Jose Sharks team 6-0 for the Sharks second consecutive shut out.  It wasn't really that close.

1. Rebound Control - Really?  Are you allowed to do that?  Steve Mason's rebound control was brutal. His teammates hung him out to dry a couple of times later, but only after he had given up enough soft rebounds to the Sharks that the game was out of reach.

2. No Offense - All Sharks this game.  The CBJ never really mounted a meaningful offensive possession.  The CBJ barely got the puck out of the D-zone in the first period.  Although the shot totals were only 18-11 at the end of the first period, it wasn't really that close.

3. Chippy Play - Jared Boll probably unwisely woke up the Sharks by going with a pretty high hit on Joe Thornton, for which he received a minor penalty.  Had he not kept his elbow down at his side, its probably a game misconduct.  Joe is a big guy, and I think that Cam Atkinson would have hit him high, as he was nearly bent double.  That said, no problem with the call.  This started a tone of chippy play the exploded in the third period, when Dan Boyle boarded Derrick Brassard  from behind, then decides he should beat the livin' crap out of Brassard when he was offended by the dirty hit. Many of the team tried to respond, but the bottom line is that the Sharks are bigger and badder, and weren't too impressed.
4. Not Competitive - The team the CBJ is fielding right now is not competitive in the NHL.  True, the team on the ice will not meet the cap minimum.  50% of the defensive pairings are made up of AHL players.  Top notch Western Conference teams are not impressed.  Actually, even lousy Western Conference teams are not impressed.  Its a sad state of affairs.  We now have an 11 point lead in the race for the first pick.  I'm thinking no worries.  I hope Yakupov has a strong stomach.

Refreshing commentary by Todd Richards after the game.  He calls out poor puck management, self inflicted goals, bad turnovers.  He also said 'you can see the guys who are willing to make the difference'.  Yeah, you can.  Maybe DBJ has something here.

5. Back at it - Another late night tomorrow night as the CBJ take on the LA Kings.  They need to play better, or its gonna be the same thing.



  1. I found the end-of-game scraps offensive. I understand that the team was blowing off steam after being thoroughly outclassed and outplayed all night long (and it was a LONG night), but I wish they had transferred just an ounce of that aggression into actual hockey play.

    And then there's Brassard, getting into a fight again. Which is just dumb. Last time he fought, he probably ruined his potential to be an elite player.

    Just tell me the whole game was just a bad dream.

  2. Oh yeah, the rebounds by Mason were jaw-dropping in both their frequency and severity.


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