Monday, February 20, 2012

DBJ's 5 Thoughts on Game 59: New York Rangers

New York Rangers 3 - Columbus 2 (OT)
17-35-7, 5th in Central Division, 30th in National Hockey League
The Columbus Blue Jackets helped close out Hockey Day in America with a 3-2 loss in overtime to the host New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

Yours truly spent the game munching on boneless wings and an appetizer sampler platter with Full Mental Jackets blogger (and DBJ blog writer) Greg May at his Buffalo Wild Wings in Grandview.  Few things hockey-related are better than being the wingman (no pun intended) to such a funny and knowledgeable hockey fan for the evening.

1. THAT WAS RATHER AWKWARD - Rick Nash, being the cool character that he is, brushed off the New York media scrum pre-trade deadline.  Brandon ("I hear Scott Howson has a man-crush on me...what's that like Stralman?") Dubinsky, all but screamed, "Don't make me leave New York!"  Seriously, Dubinsky did say, "It would suck" ... but, of course, that was in relation to leaving New York - not coming to Columbus.  Right?  RIGHT?

Then the two guys had to go play a hockey game against the teams with which they have been linked in trade rumors.  I'm sure that was comfortable.

2. GUESS WHO? - Derrick Brassard had another goal, his 11th of the season - his 6th under Todd Richards.  The kid just keeps contributing to the post-Arniel Blue Jackets.  Period.  Greg said it best: While it would now be a shame to move Brassard at the trade deadline, he very well might yield the biggest return for his salary.

3. THE NHL'S WAR ON CHRONOLOGY CONTINUES UNABATED - First, the clock stops for a second or so in Los Angeles...just enough time to let the Kings score the winning goal on the Blue Jackets.  Then, the Rangers appeared to have scored a goal with .2 seconds left in the second period.  But for whatever reason, that goal didn't count.

Seriously, how can a professional league like the NHL keep having clock problems?  And why does it always have to be in games involving the Blue Jackets?  Can someone explain what this all means?

Ummm...OK.... (I'm sorry.  I was a liberal arts graduate.  I'll take your word for it, dude.)

4. I MISSED SEEING THE GAME-TYING GOAL - Yes, Rick Nash scored the game-tying goal with less than two minutes left.  And it was a pretty goal:

Problem was, I was in a Buffalo Wild Wings with a zillion TV screens.  On another giant screen, the NBA's Denver Nuggets were playing.  And this guy was at the foul line:

Tell me YOU wouldn't have been distracted.  Holy crap.

4a. DBJ's POP CULTURE EDUCATION CONTINUES - I did learn, however, that ESPN has been transformed into The Jeremy Lin Channel.  And I now know what Jeremy Lin looks like.  Yeah, I just don't watch ESPN.  I really wish the channel would just go away.

5. GOTTA MAKE THAT FLIGHT - Having increased their standings point tally by 2.5% with Nash's goal to force overtime, the Blue Jackets then promptly let the Rangers score with less than 30 seconds having elapsed in overtime.  Hey, one "loser point" was enough for us.  We don't want to be greedy or anything, and surely there was a cab waiting with a meter running.  <Rolls eyes>

NEXT UP: The San Jose Sharks, a darker horse in the Rick Nash Trade Deadline Derby, will invade Nationwide Arena on Tuesday night for a 7PM puck drop.

You probably knew that Rick Nash and the Sharks' Joe Thornton played on the same line for HC Davos in Switzerland during the last NHL lockout, kicked butt together and stay in touch.  I only found this out recently.


  1. It is good to see Brass finally coming into his "own".
    For anyone keeping score, remember that Brass asked publically (his agent asked) to be traded. Carter did not. For anyone still on the "trade Carter" bandwagon.
    Just thought I needed to thrown that out there.
    Also, this was a good showing for CBJ. This NYR team has dismanteled playoff teams over the last few weeks, so for CBJ to salvage the point is very good. IMO.

    1. "For anyone keeping score, remember that Brass asked publically (his agent asked) to be traded."

      When did that happen? Sure, his agent opened his big mouth, but I don't think Brass ever actually demanded a trade. Arniel wants you to show him the stats on that.

  2. Observtions from Springfield, MA :

    Having watched the Falcons play yesterday here are some thoughts..
    - they looked tired, but that is life in the "A". You play Friday night, Sat night, and Sunday afternoons sometimes. I saw about 12-15 minutes of high level play from the Falcons.
    - It is easy to see why Mayorov and Calvert didn't last on the big team. Both cannot hold onto the puck while being hit. I don't see this changing.
    - Goloubef is quicker than I remember from early in the season. He is better now than Aaron "turnover" Johnson is. I can only suspect they want him to finish on the Falcons this season and come to camp ready to compete for a spot. I am sure he will take his lumps for awhile, and could use a little quickness with the decision making in both zones, but overall he is an assest. 5-6 guy now on CBJ, but could quickly be a 3-4 guy with a year under his belt.
    - Prout with about another half step of speed/lateral movement in D zone could be Hejda with an upside. Very solid D. I can see him on the blue line for years to come. "steady Eddie" type.
    - Atkinson is tearing up the goal scoring sheet in the AHL. It is hard to see him succeeding like that in the NHL. Just my opinion. I hope he proves me wrong.
    - Byers scored the only goal 1 foot in front of the crease yesterday, on a 5-3 PP. I would love a true power forward on CBJ, and I think he could play that role. Byers also still turned the puck over too many times. He wears the C for the Falcons. Tough call.
    - Kubuliak is sooooooo close to being NHL ready. I try to picture what line he would play on, 2nd(physical wing) or 3rd (crasher with a touch), and I cannot decide. A good summer and I say he makes CBJ next season.
    - Cody Bass should be on Jackets now. Bottom line. He should center the 3rd line. This guy never lets up. He looked pissed for most of the game and never quit on any play. CBJ needs a guy like this. A vocal conscience - great teammate.
    - St Pierre is a great skater and can pass like Knutsen. In the AHL.

    I am going to try to make another game this coming weekend. Hopefully more thoughts to come.


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