Thursday, June 21, 2012

A brief thought on the 2012 NHL Awards

Greetings from Las Vegas.  As you can see over at DBJ Plus, I had the opportunity to attend the 2012 NHL Awards.

It was an impressive night, filled with highlights and a gallery stuffed with the top NHL talent - players, coaches and management alike.

As a Columbus Blue Jackets fan, I also found the show invigorating.

For in this National Hockey League, there is absolutely no reason that my favorite team and its players can't perform at a level that would qualify them for future awards shows and the success that brings them to that stage.

The Blue Jackets can be the best.  It IS possible.

Mull that over.

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  1. It won't happen until JPM, MP and SH are gone. Seeing that it won't happen - that is, unless Bettman takes over the operations of this team.

    PLEASE, Mr. Bettman, rid the fans of this criminal activity (gross negligence) before it's too late!


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