Friday, June 29, 2012

Hey graphic designers, about CannonFest...

Permit me to use to blog for some housekeeping this morning: 

Part of my role in co-organizing the 2012 edition of CannonFest involves - soo-prise, soo-prise - the creation of graphic content for the event.  At this point, that means the creation of a logo...something that needs to get done sooner than later.

It's been suggested that we might want to try creating some CannonFest logo gear - t-shirts at minimum - with proceeds going to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation.  I like the idea.  And my co-organizers thought that crowd-sourcing this project as a contest would be a cool idea.  

The rub, however, is that the t-shirt provider with whom I've been talking suggests that a good logo requires a bit of expertise on the technical side.  By that, I'm talking about the creation of a vector graphic - presumably with Adobe Illustrator - that could get scaled up to as big as 13"x17".  That's a far cry from the fun little CannonFest JPGs and GIFs that I've been pumping out over the last couple of years.

Which brings me to my question: Are there enough technically capable graphic designers in the Columbus Blue Jackets fanbase to justify a contest? As this is a no-budget event, the "prize" would largely consist of praise and adulation for the winner...and perhaps a free t-shirt.  

Thus, I'm asking that any/all graphic designers who would be interested in such a contest offer a comment to this post as a means for me to learn what we have to deal with.  (And we'll still need a logo regardless, so feedback will give me an idea who is interested.)  And, of course, make sure you tell any friends who might be game for such a task.

Thanks in advance for your input!  


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