Saturday, July 7, 2012

On Light The Lamp

It's one of those things that I really wish I hadn't gone to the trouble to investigate.

No LTL...Time to panic?
A open musing on Twitter about how I missed the "Light The Lamp" blog led me to get a couple responses that suggested LTL shuttered his blog.  I've had email dialogue with him in the past, so a quick email exchange confirmed this fact.

This sucks.

LTL's was the first Columbus Blue Jackets blog that I stumbled upon and, for my money, his was the gold standard right up until the end.  As proud as I am of what the DBJ blog has become, it couldn't tie LTL's skates.  The blog was funny, focused and shared insights that - I have since learned - were based in fact and not conjecture.  The man knows his stuff, and he shared what he knew.  While having a good time.

I asked LTL to share a little on why he stopped blogging, but he passed.  I guess he doesn't realize how much he's missed in the CBJ blogosphere.  I think it's safe to say that he's in good health, so don't worry for his well-being.

Keeping with the class act that he is, LTL graciously has allowed me to appropriate his "6-pack" image for the DBJ blog's game recaps.  The 6-pack will replace the "5 Thoughts" going forward.

I wish LTL all the best going forward, thank him for providing so much entertainment over the years and openly extend an offer to him to offer his thoughts at DBJ any time he wants.  He's a great guy and a passionate fan that has given more blood, sweat and tears (and ticket dollars, I'd bet) to the Columbus Blue Jackets than most.


  1. Disheartened as well, LTL was one of my favorite blogs and really helped enhance my fandom.

  2. I agree, LtL will be missed.

  3. Ah! Now, it makes sense. I repeatedly kept getting a broken link of sorts a few days ago when I tried to access LTL. I thought perhaps he had moved to another hosting site or changed website names, etc. Thanks, DBJ, for providing some insight on LTL. Sorry to see him "retire". Best wishes to LTL.

    Doktor Z

  4. Guess I can get rid if the link in my Favorites.....kept hoping he would come back!

  5. LTL will definitely be missed!

  6. That leaves the Cannon with all its commercialism, and Mattlund's Blog Rakers which is obviously on crack.

    1. Well, there's always...this blog... ;-)


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