Saturday, July 14, 2012

Presenting your 2012 CannonFest logo

Congratulations to Adam Heineman, whose first submission (of a few) for the CannonFest Logo Contest appeared to be the most compelling.  Using the Instant Runoff Voting model with 265 ballots cast, Adam's cannon design grabbed over 50% of the ballots after seven elimination rounds...a testament to the nail-bitingly close voting for the favorite logos!
Adam Heineman's winning CannonFest logo
Congratulations to Adam (and thanks for your help with a couple other logos where you provided technical assistance...what a selfless fan!) - and thank you to all the fine Blue Jackets fans who submitted logos.  The CannonFest organizers were mightily impressed with all of the logos...any of which would have made for a fine design.  There's some serious talent out there in CBJ fandom, that's for sure.

Look for Adam's logo to grace CannonFest t-shirts (of which he's getting a free one), my "all in fun" web advertising and Tom "Skraut" Larrow's much-anticipated CannonFest video - which will debut at CannonFest on August 19.

There will be another announcement or two about CannonFest in the days ahead, so keep your eyes peeled!

UPDATE: In the interest of fairness and impartiality, I did not have any dialogue with Adam regarding the incorrect "established" date on his submitted logo before or during the voting period.  You guys voted on the logo and gave him the win with his submission.  But there was a small technical error...the "established" date should have been 2010, not 2012. With the competitive element out of the way, I asked him to update the date to reflect the correct history of our little event.  Adam was gracious in doing so, so I present the corrected logo as the "winner" above.


  1. It's nice to back a winner, for a change!

  2. The "established" date was the only reason I didn't vote this logo #1. Glad to see that it got corrected.


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