Friday, August 17, 2012

About those CannonFest tickets

Greg, Matt and I want to thank everyone who registered in advance and obtained free tickets for CannonFest 2012.  Your willingness to play along with our "How many people are going to come out this time?" parlor game helped us get a sense of what size venue we needed...and, eventually, informed us about how we needed to use the generous space that has been afforded to us at B-Dubs in Grandview.  We hope that your assistance results in a fun afternoon of hockey talk and general mirth on Sunday for all involved.

As a special, additional "thank you" to those who have signed up for tickets, we will be circulating an email to  ticket holders only with a special offer.  This offer will never see the light of day on our respective blogs.  Hopefully you'll like what you see.

Expect the email to drop late this evening, probably no later than midnight.  If you are planning on attending and have dragged your feet on getting tickets, there's still time!  Run on over to our EventBrite CannonFest page and sign up.  If you've already signed up for tickets, you don't need to do anything...yet.

See you all on Sunday!

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