Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CannonFest 2012 and associated thoughts

[For my wider-scope overview of the goings-on at CannonFest, check out my post at Dark Blue Jacket Plus at FOX Sport Ohio.]

Yup, I was the idiot who brought the fancy camera and then worked the check-in table - making photo-taking impossible.  Met a ton of cool people and "May you win free beer" more often than I can recount, but no pictures.  Sigh.

So in lieu of a photo-filled recap, allow me to simply share the universally-held highlight of the day, Tom Larrow's great fan videos.



Past that, it was a genuine pleasure to meet everyone who came out to spend a late summer afternoon talking hockey.  Matt Wagner and Greg May are terrific organizing partners - and I'd be remiss if I didn't thank the Jacket Backers, the Arch City Army, the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation, FOX Sports Ohio, Buffalo Wild Wings and the Cannon Report, too.  I think that things turned out quite well.

I could write more about the day, but let's leave it with a personal observation.  This last ten months or so has been very trying for Blue Jackets fans.  If a Blue Jacket fan has had fun as a result of the team's performance through the last NHL season, I've yet to meet him or her.  As CBJ uber-fan (and DBJ contributor) Alison so aptly put it, Blue Jackets fans need to close the book on last season.  How is it possible to re-emphasize that point enough?

While I was ambivalent over doing another CannonFest this time around - for a host of reasons, personal and otherwise - I ended up deciding to dive once more into the breach because Blue Jackets hockey, for better or worse, is important to me.  I think I needed to re-associate Blue Jackets hockey with fun in my mind once again.  I'm guessing a few of those in attendance did, too.  CannonFest helped me get at least part-way there and hope those who needed the same found a little joy in the process.  (And yes, the term "joy" was intentional.)

Here's to a fun 2012-13 season...please let there be one!


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