Friday, November 23, 2012

ASG Down!

As expected today, the NHL canceled the 2012-13 All
Start game scheduled to be held in Columbus.  Puck Daddy has a pretty good write-up of this here.  I really don't mind this.  The ongoing lockout had rendered the notion of an All Star Game in January a mockery of all involved.  It is the right thing to do to cancel it at this point.  The NHL held on to it longer than they reasonably should.

Next up is an NHL Board of Governors meeting scheduled for December 5.  Two things can happen here.  The owners can direct Bettman to settle, or they can cancel the 2012-13 season.  There have been rumblings that the NHLPA will be considering a move to decertify, and thus attempt to move the dispute to the courts.  Cancellation of the 2012-13 season would prememptively nullify the contracts in dispute.  So if the NHLPA tries to move this to the courts, a past Fehr strategy, the NHL is in a position to question exactly what it is we are arguing about.  I expect cancellation of the season for these types of reasons.  My biggest fear is for the 2013-14 season.

Let's get that 2015 ASG scheduled right away, and give hockey fans everywhere SOMETHING on the schedule to look forward to enjoying.


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