Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh! Mediation!

Donald Fehr contemplates Nirvana
Today, the NHLPA and the NHL agreed to meditation to try to solve their differences in negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement.  Yogi Bikchk Swami Win Bhurds has agreed to lead them through his 12 step program of flexibility, focus, and meditation.  It is thought that the use of this program will allow the two sides to see through their differences to a level of total consciousness that will dissolve all barriers to feeding the frenzied masses the hockey that they long to see.

Gary Bettman drinks in the beauty of cost certainty
The use of meditation to solve a labor dispute is a novel approach, yet the sides resolved to 'disregard all earthly bonds in the pursuit of a more perfect existence'.  In the last lockout, the parties were unwilling to take such bold steps towards a more enlightened condition, resorting instead to a mundane, non-binding federal mediation.

Oh!  Wait!  Maybe I misunderstood that tweet!

Oh well.  The NHLPA and NHL agree to federal mediation.


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  1. I think we're all going to need some mediation/meditation after this whole ordeal. Meanwhile... Booooooooooooone!!!!!


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