Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gallos' Thoughts on Game 27: Boston

Tonight the Blue Jackets lost to the Boston Bruins 3-1 in their final game of the season against the reigning Eastern Conference champs.  The Bruins came out, and exerted their will in the first period, and bounced and deflected two goals past Curtis McElhinney.  That was enough for Boston, who won their 11th consecutive home game.

The undermanned CBJ came back out in the second period with a bit more jump in their step, but kept taking penalties that interfered with any chance of setting up a consistent offensive cycle.  Dalton Prout dropped the gloves with Lucic in the second period, and came out with at least a draw.  Good to see him stepping up, and trying to get the team rolling.

Late in the period, Seidenburg went shoulder to the head on Nick Foligno.  We'll see if it gets reviewed by Shanny.  Nick took exception, and went after him, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct and a 10 minute misconduct, so the period was ended with the CBJ on the penalty kill and no scoring in the period.

Early in the third period, CMac got victimized by a slap shot from Lucic that hit Jack Johnson's skate, went up in the air, and floated over CMac's head and into the goal.  Whaddaya gonna do?  Then Dougie Hamilton tripped Ryan Johansen, and on the ensuing power play, Joey scored on a nasty little wrist shot for his team leading 10th goal of the year.

I don't see this as a roller coaster game.  The CBJ brought reasonable energy to the game, but they are just not at the same level as the Bruins.  The Bruins had no players out with injury.  The CBJ have significant injuries, not that a healthy roster would have brought them to that level.  The better team won tonight.

I think in the last Bruins game I commented that I thought Ryan Murray found the game pretty 'rich', or in other words, a difficult game.  I felt he definitely moved past that in this game, and had a pretty solid outing.  The Bruins field a lineup with a number of veterans who play the same type of game as Boone Jenner.  That made it a learning environment for the young forward.  He didn't play too bad, but it was an educational experience.    Our young guys continue to learn and develop, so that's a positive from this game.

In terms of the series, Boston takes it.  This really puts us in a hole that we need to make up somewhere else across the schedule if we want to make the playoffs.  We're in the hole with the Penguins and the Caps too, which complicates things.  So this loss hurts, but I don't think it's shocking that we couldn't handle Boston.  No wailing or gnashing of teeth.  Time to move on.

Game Haiku:
Jackets play Bruins
A bounce, a tip, an air ball
Is all Boston needs

Next up, the Stamko-less 'Bolts at Nationwide on Tuesday.



  1. I thought the Jackets were fortunate to only lose by two goals. As you said, the Bruins are at a different level than Columbus and it certainly showed. But so are division rivals Pittsburgh, NY Rangers, and Washington and the majority of the East. The future is bright, but will be brighter when the team has some competent defensemen.

    Yes, I might come off as cynical, but then I am going crazy listening to Bill Davidge reading out loud from his guidebook, "Ten Buzzwords and Cliches For Hockey Broadcasters." Most teams have a former NHL player doing game analysis, but the Jackets have Davidge in the booth and Kamal in the studio.

    1. Actually I had my cable cut by a crew in our neighborhood for the Toronto game, so I had to listen to the radio. Bob McGelligot and Jody Shelly make a pretty refreshing change. Bob get's a little over the top, but I figure he's trying to walk in George Matthews shoes, which is a big task. Jody is pretty smooth and has some real good insights and perspective on the game from his playing days. I might well start listening to the radio broadcast for away games.

      I think our D-men are okay. They are the best group we ever had, and Ryan Murray is growing every game. But they don't match the Bruins D by any stretch.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. With all the games lost due to injury, they are still staying within arms reach of the pack, as it is, in the Metro. I just hope, after this many games without the starting 22, when they FINALLY get healthy, they can stay that way. There's really nothing wrong with the "D" that an extra goal or so a game wouldn't fix. Basically the same group that reeled off the great finish last season. Patience is still the watchword, as much as we all don't want to hear it. And thanks for the comment about Davidge. I'm glad I'm not the only one getting tired of "cliche bill and his words of wisdom".

  3. Good perspective. Don't get fired up about losing to teams that are clearly in a pay grade higher than yours.

    It's the 7-0 loss to Edmonton that kills me.


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