Sunday, November 17, 2013

So DBJ thinks he watched CBJ game 20: Ottawa

Columbus 4 - Ottawa 1
The Columbus Blue Jackets opened their week-plus Canadian road trip this afternoon with a 4-1 win against the Ottawa Senators at the Canadian Tire Centre.

Yes, I watched a lot of this game.  No, I didn't watch all of it.  Reason being, I got caught flat-footed by the matinee start.  I had it in my mind that the game started at 7, and it started at 1.  Go figure.

Then there's the illness factor.  I've had a cold for a few days, and an evening at the arena didn't help things one bit.  So I've been a little loopy since Friday night.  That Canadiens game was on Friday, right?  And didn't today's game start at 7?

Let's digress for humor's sake.  As you all know, I'm a Notre Dame alumnus/fan.  And there's a Notre Dame fan blogger out there - one whose work is terribly embarrassing to the rest of the ND fanbase, so for witness protection's sake I'll call "Larry".  Larry has made a point of sharing about how he goes on binges of Doritos or Cheetos along with a bottle of NyQuil and then has the most incredible images of Fightin' Irish glory float through his brain.  (Honest to God, I don't want anyone reading this guy's blog.  It's mind-bendingly strange.  Just trust me.)

Back to the story: I get in late to the game.  I'm all clogged up and am barely functional as I'm still choking down coffee and praying that this congestion will clear out.  So I tweet the following:
Yeah. Thing is, and about half the Blue Jackets fanbase chose to remind me of this point, it's Sunday.

Then I settle into the game.  And I start seeing things.

Like a goal from Ryan Johansen, who just got banished to the bottom six.

And really aggressive play.

And more goals from R.J. Umberger (!!!) and Fedor Tyutin (!!!).

And power plays that work.


I even saw this: couldn't be.  That team hasn't completed a no-look pass all season long.

I had to be in a fever dream.

Was this real life?

I had to share what I was seeing through the haze:
Yet the goals kept coming.  Derek MacKenzie (!!!) grabbed the fourth, but it wasn't a power play goal so I thought my fever was breaking.

Then Erik Karlsson from the Sens broke Sergei Bobrovsky's shutout, and it seemed like reality came flooding back into me.  But that was with two and a half minutes of game left to play.

I rested my weary, congested head back into my chair, smiled and realized that I just witnessed perhaps the closest thing to a dominant 60-minute performance by the Columbus Blue Jackets that I have seen all season long.

This, despite not knowing what day it was, when the game started, or HOLY CRAP NOBODY IN THE SEATS IN OTTAWA IS MOVING.

The moment had to be commemorated:
But then it hit me.

I was becoming Larry, that psychedelic Notre Dame blogger.

Or maybe I was just having a "Larry" moment, sans the Cheetos and NyQuil bender.

Regardless, it was one awesome trip.

Here's the postgame haiku:

Jackets pound the Sens
Power play that will not quit
Roadie starts out right

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