Saturday, March 29, 2014

One Ping Pong Ball Away from Kansas City

My buddy Bill uttered the classic line of the title last night.  The high feeling of entitlement among the Pittsburgh fans is not tempered by the fact that the organization faced bankruptcy, and that if Gary Bettman hadn't stayed up all night putting Penguins logos on all the ping pong balls in the Sidney Crosby lottery their team would have likely been in Kansas City.  So it goes, instead they have a Cup to show for it instead of a minor league club playing in the Igloo.

Tough game last night, for the fans and the team.  Perhaps I shouldn't get on the keyboard after games like that.  Certainly very difficult to have any perspective.  Meh.  Anyway, the team didn't quit, like I alluded to last night.  That's the adrenaline and angst talking.  Good teams take advantage of  mistakes, and put them in the goal.  The Pens pounced on the momentary let down after a disappointing goal with a 2 on 1 break.  Since the shooter had all the time and space in the world, he picked his spot and hit it.  Again, so it goes.

At the end of the day we were exactly where we started.  Sitting in the first wild card spot with a big game tonight.  If the CBJ play tonight the way they played last night, they will be okay.  But we have to take it to Carolina tonight.  Any let down will have a very negative affect on our playoff chances.  These are games we need to win as stepping stones to winning more challenging games like last night.  The CBJ want to run with the big dogs, so its time to act like a big dog tonight, and not let a rookie goal tender shut them down.  Crash the net, get in his face, and score some greasy goals.

We have 2 games in hand on Toronto.  Remaining games are Canes, Avs, Flyers, Hawks, Islanders, Yotes, Stars, Bolts, and Panthers.  Not an easy schedule, and we must win more than we lose.  I guess we'll know where this team stands by the end of April 12.  Last night I thought they looked one winger away from it.

Time to git 'er done boys!


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