Friday, March 28, 2014

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - updated

Two Fridays.  Two sell out barns.  Two losses.  JD, Jarmo, now you know what you have.  I love our team.  I left it all out there in a hostile barn on our own territory.  I don't feel good JD. I know you don't either, but.... you should not be confused by the tickets sales.  That is a humiliating experience.  Ya, sorry about my poor psyche.  Don't get me wrong.  That was not like a few years ago.

But seriously, we limp into Long Island on the back end of 3 in 4 and lose.  An extremely battered Penguins team limps into Columbus on the back end of a 3 in 4 and wins.  Of course, it was like a home game for the Pens, except for how hard the home fans battled.  I'm kinda proud of that.  How hard the home fans battled.  But that second goal.  JD.  Your team quit on you for a few seconds, and it cost you the game.  Ok.  They are young. But dang it you need to prop some of those spines up.  The second goal is the team quitting, and that's not acceptable.

Too much bile.  Can't write more.  This does not define our playoff chances.  Not at all.  We have a loss or two to spare, and I had already circled this one as a loss.  But it better be a pissed off hockey squad tomorrow night that won't take no for an answer.  And if you don't get that JD, it's time for a change.(editor's note - I was not doubting JD's perception.  I was speculating regarding whether he received the performance he desired or not.  JD 'gets it', I have no doubt.  Whether I 'get it' at the same level is up for lively and considerable debate).

Too much bile.  This is what the playoffs are about.  Technically I enjoy this.  :-|


Update:  Philly beats Toronto, Rangers lose to Calgary.  We remain in the number 1 Wild Card Spot.  Detroit plays Toronto tomorrow.  The winner jumps over us in the absence of a win in Carolina.  Can you say 'must win'?  Sure you can!!  C'mon boys, you can do it!

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