Friday, March 25, 2016

An Interesting Day in Jackets Land

Wait!  Why Am I Wearing Yellow?
On a travel day lost of interesting news dropped today.  First is the news that Dalton Prout was signed to a new two year deal.  Like many Blue Jackets Prout has had his struggles this year, but he will bring that element of physicality that the Jackets will need going forward now that the Department of Player Safety has decided to run Boll out of the league.  Prout's play has steadied some of late, and he is starting to shoot the puck aggressively, and element that was missing from his game earlier in the season.  A steady diet of Tortorella has solidified some aspects of his game.

The Puck Rakers posted a really interesting Q & A with Ryan Johansen.  It's nice to see Joey moving on, and honest with himself about where his game was.  As much as I believe Seth Jones will make a huge difference in Columbus going forward, I believe Ryan Johansen is just going to have a monster year next year.  I think this is going to look like a good hockey trade for a long time, and it will be fun to see how this goes in the future.  Tomorrow's game should be fun to watch.

I'm trying to let go of the Player Safety thing, but that is a journey.  Just re-watched Nick's video.  The puck is gone.  But Malone is not expected to alter his blindside check.  But Boll's is predatory.  Bah!  If we are going to get serious about player safety, its simple.  You put someone out of a game, you sit until they come back.  Boll would have had to sit for a shift.  Malone would have got 6 games.  Then the players are accountable for each other's safety.  Rant complete.  Trying to let go.  Sigh.

It's strange how a young team at the start of this year has only gotten younger as the season has progressed.  That youth really shows at times, and it is going to be fascinating next year watching Tortorella mold this group.  The guy is really sharp.  But for now, its all about draft position and a little luck in the lottery.  Let's hope Torts brings some luck with him too!


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