Saturday, March 5, 2016

Yin and Yang

Making those open looks count, David Savard
I've been in a bit of a tiff with my season ticket rep for the CBJ.  Two years ago he delivered our tickets to us with David Savard, and Savard had a great season.  Last summer they didn't do that, and look at the year he's having!  Since this is certainly some sort of cause and effect relationship, I think Savvy needs to bring my tickets for this coming season.  Don't you think?

Last night's game against the Oilers was one of those 'must lose' games in terms of drafting position, but a 'must win' game in terms of 'fan psyche' after they zipped us 5-0 in Conner McDavid's return from injury a few weeks ago out on the west coast.  So I was up for any outcome in last night's game, and have to confess that I enjoyed the game immensely last night.  Such is our life at this time of the year, in a lost season, so you might as well have fun at the barn.  And that was fun.

In a team of dangerous scoring threats, and shaky defense, the Oilers never seem out of a game.  But what was really fun about last nights game is that after staking the Jackets to a two goal lead, our shooter ALWAYS answered the Oilers if they managed to get one past Korpisalo.  Cam, Savard, Tyutin, Jenner, Hartnell, Savard, a nice 6 goal flurry.

Last night the Oilers were playing their 3rd game in four nights and coming off a back to back in which they beat the Flyers in Philly.  The Oilers just didn't have it.  If you recall, our schedule gave us these gifts early, such as starting the season with 3 in 4 days, while Toronto had 2 games in the first week.  I think we got Toronto in our 5th game in 7 days 8 days, or something like that, while they were playing their second after 4 days off.  And thus the death spiral was cemented.  Well, the Oilers are seeing that part of the schedule now, later in the season this year, and they looked like the early season Jackets last night.  Boy did they give up some open looks at the net. (I'd firm all the above up, but the schedule page on the Jackets web site won't open, which is a pain)(OK, corrections above, I checked it on my phone).

You have to credit our shooters last night, they were launching them when they got the chance.  And someday, please, Alex Wennberg, shoot the puck.  Though to be sure, your pass to Hartnell for his goal was sublime.  And Hartnell, true to form, got the shot off quickly and on net.  Dang I'm glad we still have Hartnell.  Ha, ha, speaking of a Yin and Yang player.  He has those great offensive instincts, but he can take the odd dumb penalty, though Torts certainly has gotten his attention on that front.  Although honestly, I think it takes some edge off his game.  Maybe the boys in the room can figure out a way to gift him a dumb penalty or two, just for fun, and to give Torts some coverage on the issue.

Anyway, there were actually some signs of life in Nationwide Arena last night, a Yin and Yang thing if ever there was one.  The barn can be really quiet sometimes. as it was for much of the game last night, but there is nothing quite like the thunder of Nationwide Arena when the team is playing well and the crowd is like a pack of hounds in full bay.  And as amazing and awesome as it can be (see Game 4, playoffs, doesn't matter which one), I think there is more.  But that is a journey for another season.  Last night, late in the game though, the puppy gave it a tentative try.  We'll see how that develops.  But its been pretty quiet of late.

Jackets on the road at the Flyers tonight.  Should be some good clean fun!


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