Friday, January 1, 2010

DBJ's cop-out for Game 42: Nashville

I got tied up on New Year's Eve at the last minute and had a great time with family and friends, so I'm not apologizing for missing vast portions of the game.  I did catch the Voracek (Torres?) goal (Yay!), the overtime goal (Boo!) and Hitch's postgame presser (Sob!  I hope someone bought him a drink last night.).

My intent was to watch the DVR'd game this morning, but I'm currently watching the Rose Parade with Mrs. DBJ and will catch the Winter Classic (Go Bruins!) - then football through the balance of the day.  No time to watch a game that, after an inspirational start, turned into a dog, so I'm going to offer links to game recaps and hope to get back on track soon.

Thus, here's the recap of game recaps:

That's it?  Wow - lots of celebrating last night, I guess.

[UPDATE: The Hockey Writers gives us the Game Recap of The Year with Coach Hitchcock Presents: New Year's Evil In Columbus.  OK, the year is pretty short thus far, but the piece is really good.]

Guess I'd better put in the video highlight:

Also: In case anyone cares, I have to go out of town for an overnight "business" trip on Wednesday and Thursday...and then will be headed WAY out of town for a week's vacation.  And I have to squeeze in some reading and a paper for one of my winter quarter classes.  Don't expect a lot until I return from vacation on January 17.  I'll try to put some commentary up, but it's much more likely that you'll see recap posts like this one if anything at all.  Thanks for understanding.  Carry The Flag!

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