Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New DBJ blogger; Trade Winds a-blowin'

First off, I'd like to ask all DBJ readers to warmly welcome Twitter's @PuckeyesMom to the Dark Blue Jacket blog.  If I understand correctly, Mom's been following the team since (before?) Day 1 of the Columbus Blue Jackets franchise, and she's as passionate a fan as they come.  We've been Twittering for some time, and she mentioned that she might want to get (back) into blogging.  A quick Twit-dialogue, and she's here!

Note that this is a "volunteer" blog - no one's making a dime off of it - so don't expect Mom to be working on deadline or anything.  As things happen and she feels the need to offer thoughts in more than 140 character bursts, this blog is hers to use.

After the outstanding guest bloggers who have graced this site this season, I'm so glad to continue the momentum and have Mom aboard.  Welcome, Mom!! (How exciting!)

On a personal note, don't expect to see a ton from me for the next 10-ish days. I have to get outta town for a conference today and tomorrow, then I return to C'bus just in time to bail out for a weeklong vacation with Mrs. DBJ, the Dark Blue Onesie and all sorts of DBJ family from around the country. It'll be a great time, I'm sure, but I've vowed not to post a thing until I return. (Time and place for everything, you know...) This is probably perfect timing, as I think the events of the last month or so warrant a "cleansing" break.

If the satellites and Internets allow, I'll try to keep up with the team while I'm gone. Otherwise...stay warm, everyone!

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