Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Game 58/Colorado: My Take

I split my time on this game between the season premiere of LOST and the Columbus Blue Jackets meltdown against the Colorado Avalanche.  (The Avs won, 5-1.)

Both were equally odious, yet both had their moments.

The LOST moments were the opening underseas montage and th whole idea of that Oceanic plane actually landing at LAX instead of crashing on the island.  Of course, that couldn't overcome the actual overwrought execution of the story.  Gonna be a painful season of LOST, pain following heightened expectations being something that we CBJ fans are used to by now.

The CBJ moments were letting Vern Yip and the blue team redecorate the visitors' locker room with a lovely nautical theme -- err, Brandon Yip scored two shorties on the same double minor.  Impressive on a host of levels for both teams.  That, and Raffi Torres pounded on CBJ turncoat Adam Foote.  Still, neither were worth watching the rest of the game for.

That's about all I had.  According to Hitch, the CBJ were the 40-Minute Men again.

Sadly, it's time: Vote in the Ken Hitchcock Firing Pool.

Addendum: I'm not sure I've seen a Fox Sports Ohio broadcast so slanted against the CBJ.  Opposing team interviews and highlights, outright criticism from the announcers, etc.  Either those guys don't care what the CBJ thinks (dangerous water to wade into - ask Jim Day and Danny Gare) or they know something that we don't.

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