Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nash takes Vancouver, Game 1

Team Canada opened up last night against Norway, and Rick Nash left no doubt in anyone's mind why he's on the top line for the (co-?) Gold Medal favorites.

The first thing that struck me in the game is how big Nash is.  This is odd because I don't get the same impression in his Blue Jackets games.  But he's a hoss out there, a man(-child?) among boys.

As for the game results, Nasher had one assist on the night and, depending on who you talk to, added a goal or a second assist in the victorious Canadian effort.  The goal apparently was credited to Nash but then went to Jarome Iginla - most likely for appropriate reasons.  But we're CBJ fans here, so we'll gripe about our guy getting screwed.

The Iginla move from 4th line to 1st (as a result of Patrice Bergeron's inability to keep up?) got all the headlines, but check out this nugget from Puck Daddy:
Wouldn't it be a treat to see Rick Nash play with world-class teammates every night, and/or on a team that favors an up-tempo style? Nash is capable of beating you so many ways – with his size, his speed, his hands, his competitiveness – and all of these things were on display in the opener.
Good points, indeed, PD.

Next game: Thursday, 7:30PM EST, against Team Switzerland.  Enter your predictions in The DBJ Rick Nash Olympic Goal Scoring Contest before they face off!

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