Friday, February 19, 2010

Nash takes Vancouver, Game 2

Very briefly...

Four years to the day after being upset by Team Switzerland, Team Canada faced their fears and came out victorious with a 3-2 shootout win over the Makers of Fine Timepieces.

Rick Nash again looked massive out there on the ice.  I'm starting to think that, at least in part, it's because Babcock has Nash crashing the net more than he does in the NHL.  When you're out on the wings all the time, people can't see your size.

Nasher didn't get any scoring credit in this game, not that he didn't try as the game wore on.  In overtime, I believe he had not one but two drives right at Swiss wunderkind goaltender Jonas Hiller.  In one play, Nash threw himself into the goal as well, taking out Hiller in the process.  (Glad no one got hurt!)

While the scoring isn't coming (which pretty much screws me in the DBJ Rick Nash Olympic Scoring Contest), it's clear that the Team Canada coaches see something special in Rick Nash as they have him on the ice in all circumstances...and he's clearly got the green light to score at will.  Now, if he can just find the back of the net!

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  1. I was impressed by Nash's drive in this past game. Something that we don't always get to see as his style in the NHL is a little different. Oh by the way I looked at the stats on the team... height wise Nash is taller than a lot of the players at least by an inch or two... also he's a lot larger physically, he's got a larger build than other people like Crosby. (Hopefully if there's another shoot out Babcock will give him a chance as well!)


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