Sunday, February 21, 2010

This is how you celebrate a shutout!

I caught up with Kirsi, Rick Gethin, Matt The Mask, Jeff Little and Greg May over lunch today to talk Columbus Blue Jackets at the break.  We discussed a great many things related to the team, which I'm sure Rick and Greg will be writing about as they had the microphones out, and it was a great deal of fun to see familiar faces and finally put faces with some online friends.  And thanks to Greg for lunch - whatta guy!

Gotta hand it to Kirsi as she unearthed perhaps the all-time great goalie celebration after a shootout on YouTube and shared it on her phone as we were getting our food orders in.  It's too cool, and I had to share it with everyone.

Yes, that goalie went ice fishing. Right on the ice after the game. Too funny!

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