Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The "A List"

Another week, another A-List. And, yes, let's suffice to say that this past week was a little...rough. So here's some things to be somewhat happy about.

1. Jeff Carter's Hat Trick. For one 20 minute period versus Nashville, we reveled in some glorious hockey - and the star of that period was Jeff Carter. I'll say it - whenever a player has a hat trick, we should celebrate it.

2. The Holidays. Aside from the obvious time with family and focusing on hopefully the important things, we got a little break from the sturm and drang of this season of CBJ hockey and come Monday, we were ready for more.

3. Steve Mason. In Tuesday's game vs. Calgary, Mason delivered a quiet, yet consistent, effort for 65 minutes. He had quite a few quality saves when the defense let him down and, I took the opportunity to watch him in isolation during a couple of Calgary possessions. He seemed more calm and controlled in net. Nice to see.

4. Ryan Johansen. the JOHAN (and yes, we asked him, he prefers "Johan" to "RyJo") is showing some signs of progression once again. Two goals against Nashville, and some quite aggressive play against Calgary made him someone to stand out while watching games. Watching him play - and knowing his age - gives me hope for the CBJ and that keeps me from going completely postal at times.

5. The Fans of the Columbus Blue Jackets. You all made the list AGAIN. But legitimately so. We don't even have 10 wins, but almost 17,000 (seventeen thousand!) of us showed up Tuesday in potentially poor weather to cheer on our team. Regardless of how you got your tickets, you thought it a good use of time to show up. DH and I had the opportunity to sit next to a great fan from SEATTLE, who, for his Christmas present to his ENTIRE family, bought them Blue Jackets tickets. And good ones at that. The guy also drives up to Vancouver whenever the CBJ are there to support the team. That's dedication my friends. And it deserves mention.

New Year's lies ahead...I dare to hope we can clear the 10 win bar by January 1. Those New Year's Eve games have always been fun, and I hope this year is as well and that it brings us a win!


  1. So he prefers "Johan"? That's good enough for me.

    Good points all around. And I'm so glad you mentioned the fans who came out. Even at the 14,000 that I guess were actually in seats, the number present show a level of support for professional hockey in Columbus that should give McConnell & his partners the gumption to Do What Is Right in getting this franchise turned in the right direction.

    We so badly want to support good hockey in Columbus!

  2. I was at that game, DBJ, and you're wrong about the crowd. I've seen 14,000 and that was a much better crowd than that. Maybe you got seated early, distracted by the DBJT, left early, and didn't notice the few empty seats in the house. There were no large blocks left open, just scattered empties around the arena. I think 17,000 was an accurate headcount. Too bad they all couldn't have left in a better mood.

  3. I hope everyone catches the" A list= Allison's list "
    But I continue to love your positive posts, here and on Heart of a Jacket


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