Friday, December 2, 2011

You, too, can play "Scott Arniel lineup bingo"!

Those who made it to the bitter end saw it last night: Columbus Blue Jackets coach Scott Arniel shuffled his forward lines in the third period against Calgary faster than a dealer in Vegas.  We had captain Rick Nash slumming with the second liners.  We had fan fave (and, last I checked, top scorer) Vinny Prospal grinding with the fourth liners.  We had the player once known as R. J. Umberger pulled up to play with the top liners.

It was madness, glorious madness, and it resulted in a win.

So let's make a game out of it!


Here's how to play:

1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into twelve boxes, three columns by four rows.

A blank Scott Arniel Lineup Bingo card.  Side decoration not necessary
but somehow cathartic.  (And no, that's not an anarchy symbol at the bottom.)

2. Figure out which forwards are playing tonight (good luck with that), and put their names and numbers on slips of paper and insert in your favorite Blue Jackets hat.

Slips of paper.  And hat.  
Toss the slips of paper in your hat to produce a random result. 

3. Pull one name at a time from the hat and populate your board with the results, left to right, top to bottom. No cheating!
A sample Lineup Bingo card, populated with potential roster names
and jersey numbers.  At first glance, I'm screwed.
4. Watch the Blue Jackets play.  Pay attention to the forward line combinations.  As a combination of three players that matches your card (horizontally or diagonally) is iced, draw a line through the combination.  

(For the purposes of this demonstration, a 20-24-22 line would result in a line being drawn on the card, as would a 40-7-22 line or a 17-24-15 line.)

5. At the conclusion of the game, tally up the number of completed line combinations on your card and post your result using the #CBJ hashtag on Twitter or in the comments of the Dark Blue Jacket blog's game recap.  Or both, if you feel really proud of your demonstration of sheer luck.

Alternatively, have a beverage of your choice and enjoy an evening of Hardcore Hockey.

All in fun.  Go Jackets!

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