Friday, September 14, 2012

It's pre-lockout CBJ Foundation golf outing photo caption time!

We're just over one day until the NHL locks out its players.  Negotiations, by every account I can see, have stalled.  And...the Columbus Blue Jackets are golfing.

The CBJ Foundation apparently is holding its annual golf outing today.  I'm not going to begrudge the Foundation for an event that surely was scheduled long ago, nor am I going to begrudge the team and its (for now) players for giving their time to help the charitable causes of the Foundation.

But tell me the irony isn't there.  One of the NHL's most reliable teams for springtime golf over the past 12 seasons, taking to the course once again as their season crumbles around them.

Here's the team photo, drawn from the Blue Jackets' Instagram feed:

Try coming up with a caption or two.  (If you're going to crack on Dubinsky's pants, by the way, make sure it's good because that joke is just too easy.  But double points if you can come up with a good one for the lurker behind Ryan Johansen.)

Mine: Steve Mason puts on a brave face as his teammates talk behind his back again, this time literally.

Good luck!


  1. Derek Dorsett squints in an attempt to spot his next target...hoping that the flat bill of his hat allows him a better point to point line for attack.

    1. I was thinking that Dorsett had the whole high school football coach/wartime general look going, what with the squint, the hands on the hips, etc. I couldn't come up with a good one-liner, though...

  2. (Lurker)..."Anyone see a ball come through here?"

  3. "The Columbus Bluejackets gathered today, at Double Eagle Golf Club,to model various methods for positioning one's hands for a photo shoot."

  4. I actually agree with that, the good practice and outstanding professionalism in that kind of important stuff, makes a huge difference!


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