Saturday, September 8, 2012

Not just another depth pickup

It's been my hope all along to bring the best and brightest Columbus Blue Jackets fan minds to the forefront on this make the Dark Blue Jacket blog a true marketplace of ideas.  I want it to be a place where opinions are valued and respected, where different voices (sometimes contradictory) have their say, where unique perspectives are presented.  In my mind, that's one great blog.  That it discusses Columbus Blue Jackets and NHL hockey...all the better.

To make this happen, I've been fortunate to share the blog with a number of terrific people, some of whose names you know well...and some who only wrote a post or two before going on their way.  Most importantly, I consider myself friends with everyone who's posted on the DBJ blog.

On the cusp of the 2012-13 (non?) season, I'm excited to share that another talented voice and nifty guy will be joining our merry band at the Dark Blue Jacket.

On March 7, Morgan Ward made his first post on his Distinct Kicking Motion blog.  Over the past six-plus months, he's shared perhaps the most unique point of view of anyone in the CBJ blogosphere - perhaps best exemplified in his popular "In your dreams..." post, which weaved his tale through the arms of Morpheus with a not so subtle challenge to CBJ majority owner John McConnell, one I picked up on in my subsequent post here at DBJ).  The combination of mirth, hockey know-how, knowledge of the Columbus Blue Jackets was fantastic.  And most every post that he's offered has demonstrated the same, albeit with different writing devices.  Point being, Morgan's good...and I enjoy his work a great deal.

We've communicated over Twitter for some time, finally getting a chance to meet in person at CannonFest 2012.  Morgan and I followed up with a couple sodas and some conversation.  I offered to open up my blog to his voice, and he agreed.  Beyond that, I think the Blue Jackets and hockey have created a new friendship.  It sounds cheesy, but it's genuine.  This hockey blogging stuff isn't about fame or fortune - it's about the fun...and the friends.

So welcome, Morgan!  I speak for my compadres when I say that I'm thrilled that you've chosen to join  the DBJ crew.

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