Thursday, September 27, 2012

No preseason for you!

And that's that.

The National Hockey League cancelled the balance of the (official) 2012-13 preseason.

Seeing as the NHL and the NHL Players Association aren't willing to discuss "economic issues" (read: How to split $3.3 billion in revenues) right now, is it safe to assume that regular season games will be following soon?

So....uhhh.... Has anyone seen any good movies recently?  Read a book that they'd like to recommend?  How about a favorite recipe?

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  1. The Avengers did not disappoint, if you like that genre of film.

    Just finished the WEB Griffin series on history of the Marines from WWII through Korea.

    I like me some Tater Tot Casserole; been making the recipe since college.

    Oh, and I just saved several hundred dollars by not going to meaningless preseason games.


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