Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Of course it had to happen to Columbus

Per the Ottawa Citizen (via the Dispatch), we learn that the first cancelled preseason game is the "Hockeyville" exhibition between the Toronto Maple Leafs and...the Columbus Blue Jackets.

This is getting old.

With apologies to the estate of Charles Schultz...but is there a more apt analogy?


  1. Should also figure with the Blue Jackets luck, we would get the All Star game and it will be cancelled.

  2. The whole thing is just a shame. The Kraft Hockeyville event is one of the coolest "small" scale things the NHL does (check out the Wikipedia page or the CBC's coverage; it's like a Winter Classic for the location that that hosts it). The town gets arena upgrades, food bank donations, and the presence of NHLers would have probably made this the biggest event in recent memory for little Stirling-Rawdon (population ~5000).

    The lack of game really takes away the luster of the event (they still get the upgrades, but lack the final reward/recognition) and would ensure that either a new town misses out next year or that Stirling-Rawdon doesn't get the spotlight to itself. It's a little thing, but it's a stupid thing to lose. I hate to think what this lockout will cost us next.