Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bob wins Vezina

Vezina Trophy Winner Sergei Bobrovsky
Mickelson leads the US Open in Philadelphia, but the Vezina Trophy winner no longer plays there.  For two three draft picks Scott Howson acquired Sergei Bobrovsky, in the summer of 2012, who today deservedly won the Vezina Trophy as the goal tender of the year in the NHL.  Bedecked in a really spiffy suit, Bob did the award interviews through an interpreter, as his English won't support a national TV interview.

Please accept the heartiest congratulations from this season ticket holder and ardent fan.  Well done Bob, well done indeed.  You reflect great credit on the Blue Jackets organization and our fair City.



  1. Congratulations to this excellent goalie! And congrats to the great Blue Jackets!

    The 2013-2014 season will be a bright one for sure.

    ~ Joe in Vancouver

  2. Gotta sign him now...I'm thinking 6 years at $6 million...Columbus has the cap space to keep him, but are the any teams desperate enough to drop some crazy money on him?

  3. With Bernier possibly on the market, it could help us with BOB's re-signing.

  4. Bernier is a little unproven...and he's an RFA, like Bobrovsky...if I want a young, potentially great goalie, I'd go with Boston's (now an UFA) Anton Khudobin...but the goalie UFA market this year is thin, unless you want to roll the dice with Backstrom, Mike Smith, Nabokov or Ray Emery...