Sunday, June 30, 2013

Settling for three first round picks

As I understand it, Jarmo Kekalainen wanted to trade around today.

He wanted to trade for get some legitimate, NHL-ready scoring help.

He wanted to trade up to get into the top five.

He wanted to trade back.  

The only trade he could pull was to trade his second rounder, number 44 overall, to Pittsburgh for their second rounder (50) and third rounder (89).  

Anyway, Jarmo apparently tried...and he couldn't get jack squat.  

So he drafted three decent prospects, guys who could form the core of the CBJ toward the end of the 2010's.  

Didn't help one bit toward improving on their 25th-best (out of 30) ranking in goals scored, but it'll help someday.  

We're now left to pray that something either shakes loose by trade - which was supposed to happen today, but only Lou Lamoriello in New Jersey had the stones to actually pull the trigger - or that the unrestricted free agent market isn't as gruesome as we've been led to believe.  Maybe the compliance buyouts might shake up the market a little.

Have the CBJ signed Sergei Bobrovsky yet?

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