Thursday, June 13, 2013

The one question whose answer tells us if the Coyotes are moving

So let me get this straight about the Phoenix Coyotes:

1. General manager Don Maloney re-ups for a "long-term" on May 24th.

2. Assistant GM Brad Treliving re-ups for a "multi-year" term today.

3. The NHL is making noises (once again) about time running out on the Yotes in Glendale if the team isn't sold ASAP.  The potential moving destination is Seattle, Washington (whose arena, contrary to the THN column, DOES have the ability to make ice - hence the hockey seating chart).

So are the Coyotes moving or not?

Here's my best way to find out, and it's the question that I haven't seen anyone asking:

"Does Don Maloney have an exit clause in his contract if the Phoenix Coyotes relocate from Glendale, Arizona?"

If the answer is "Yes," I say that it'll take a miracle to keep the Desert Dogs leashed up for even a couple more years.  Maloney surely would get that such a clause gives the team the flexibility to move and for him to decide his fate if such a relocation happens.

If the answer is "No," the NHL has dug into the Sonoran sands.

If the question has been asked, and I just haven't seen it, I'd appreciate a link in the comments.

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