Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perhaps my favorite Pierre McGuire comment ever. Really.

Pierre McGuire,
NHL everyman
NBC Sports' Emmy-winning "inside the glass" commentator is a regular contributor to Sirius XM NHL Network Radio's "Hockey This Morning" program, and I'm occasionally lucky enough to be listening to the radio when he comes on to visit with Mike Ross and Mick Kern.

Usually, McGuire's contribution is boilerplate: A handful of thoughts about the greatest game on earth, the toughness and skill levels of the players and an obligatory mention of some obscure Canadian major junior team.  He's a pleasant guy, and he clearly knows his hockey.  A fun conversation, to be sure.

What frustrates me about McGuire, though, is that I never seem to catch him when he draws upon his experiences as a coach and scout with the likes of the Ottawa Senators, Hartford Whalers and Pittsburgh Penguins to explain the "Why's" of the NHL's goings-on of the day.  I always seem to get the "What's."

That is, until last week.  Out on vacation, making an early morning baby food run, I caught this nugget from McGuire.  The Daniel Briere insight is interesting (his contract will be bought out by the Philadelphia Flyers in accordance with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement), but it's the discussion of what roster components are critical to a championship contender that I love:

Recording courtesy of Sirius XM NHL Network Radio - Hockey This Morning

Good folks, those Sirius XM
NHL Network Radio guys...
As longer-term readers of this blog know, I am downright starved for these types of strategic insights.  I'm not a lifelong hockey aficionado, so I don't automatically understand what it takes to put a championship team together.  I want to learn, to understand.  I want to know my team's visions for winning.  And when I glean insights like this, I'm really excited and want to share what I've learned.  So thanks to the gang at Sirius XM NHL Network Radio for sending the clip along at my request when I couldn't find it anywhere online.  

I'm still working through my reactions to it when listening with a Columbus Blue Jackets filter - but I'll have something up on the Dark Blue Jacket Plus blog over at FOX Sports Ohio soon. 

Until then, enjoy!


  1. Replies
    1. Dark Blue JacketJune 27, 2013 at 2:09 PM

      If it's a "Duh," then how have I missed hearing anything like this in the six-odd years that I've followed hockey? Am I just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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