Friday, November 12, 2010

Game 15/Colorado: My Take

The Columbus Blue Jackets, minus captain Rick Nash and center Derek Mackenzie (not to mention the longer-term injured and scratches), stopped by Nationwide Arena to lose to the Colorado/Lake Erie Avalanche, 5-1. (Colorado had something like 10 roster players out injured, so they raided their AHL farm team in Cleveland for bodies.)

Candidly folks, I didn't catch a ton of this game.  Family obligations got in the way and, by the time I was able to sit down and watch seriously, the game was far enough gone - and the Blue Jackets were showing absolutely nothing on the ice to give me hope that the outcome was going to change.  And it didn't.
What I did see, however, led me to two basic conclusions:

1) Colorado's one fast team that gives the CBJ defense fits.  Those Av forwards got behind our blue-liners a lot.  (And they scored a lot. Surprise!)

2) The Arniel/Boughner system is one that appears to rely on a ridiculous level of interpersonal chemistry, at least at this point.  It's apparently not enough just to be able to plug in from the same position on another line or from the Springfield Falcons.  The timing, the demands that players know where the other is on an intuitive level.  Case in point: The first line.  Brassard, Voracek and Nash has been reasonably productive.  (I'll grant that it's in part because Nash is drawing a ton of attention away from the other two.)  With Kyle Wilson in Nash's slot, the first line appeared impotent.  The Blunden-Murray-Boll fourth line - with Blunden and Murray playing their first games in Columbus is a LONG time - wasn't anything special, either.

I still have doubts that the Nationwide Arena ice is up to professional quality.  The puck just acts wierd at home...for both teams.

Anyway, it matters not.  You see, it's all Chris Fowler's fault.

Next up: The fear-inducing West Coast road trip starts in Los Angeles on Wednesday.  And it's not just a CBJ thing; many go out there, few come back with any points.  At least our moderately-injured players will have time to heal - and I gather that Ethan Moreau will be back on the ice at some point in the roadie.

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  1. As painful as this loss was, it was good to see the former Monsters Mauldin and Dupuis score.


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