Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Game 19/Nashville: My Take

The Columbus Blue Jackets returned home after their romp through California to shut out the Central Division rival Nashville Predators, 2-0, at Nationwide Arena.

The win kinda makes this post look cute, dontcha think?

Before I say too much more, a caveat/apology:  I've got lots of family in town already for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I'm just not going to be able to watch the games or CBJ news as closely as I'd like until the crowd disperses next weekend.  Expect that my posts will suffer accordingly.

In this case, however, I'm not sure it matters.  Rick Nash scored again, a sign that Arniel's reconstituted top line is Jack Adams Award-worthy.  That trio of Nash-Brassard-Voracek is, to borrow the sportscaster's phrase, "En Fuego."

And Mike Commodore scored (again).  Guess he's back and healthy.  And he sure looks like he's having a good time out there on the ice, which is something that you can say about other older veterans like Chris Clark, too.  I think the vets realize that there's something special going on.

Steve Mason got the shutout on 27 shots.  Great to pull that off, even better to do so on home ice.  Shutout goaltending, goals aplenty, that's what's going to build the buzz and get rear ends back in the seats.

Not much more that I can say, other than that I'm really excited to see the team on such a roll.  And it's always so nice to stick it to the Preds.  I mean, they're a nice bunch of folks down there...but they've had our number for too damned long.

With 26 points, the CBJ are back up to fourth in the West.  It seems as if Scott Arniel has their heads on straight - enjoy the wins but move on to the next challenge.  That's the attitude that we'll need for many, many games to come.

NEXT UP: Wednesday night on Long Island to take on the (hapless) New York Islanders, a team that is mired in last place in the East and already fired their coach.  Perhaps more interestingly, Fox Sports Ohio will cut away to the Blue Line at Tuttle Crossing Mall during the first intermission to debut the new CBJ third jersey.

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  1. How long until the actual NHL shows the world some CBJ love? Honestly, you wouldn't know the team exists, looking at the front page of the NHL website.


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