Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Umberger = "Hope" for hockey's good guys

With apologies to Shepard Fairey, I hope you enjoy these two takes on the now-classic Obama "HOPE" poster...with R.J. Umberger's cause front and center.


In all seriousness, please make sure you vote today - and every day, through November 29 - for R.J. Umberger for the NHL All Star starting roster. What a wonderful message it would send to the National Hockey League, that a guy can stand strong for his team, do what it takes to win, never back down and lead by example.  That scoring goals is great, but character counts, too.

You can vote up to 30 times per day (I didn't make the rules...) at vote.nhl.com or by texting UMBERGER to 81812 (text message fees apply).

As for the graphics: Got a favorite version?  Or did you like the original poster better?

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