Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Columbus' casino back on track

Columbus Mayor Coleman's Facebook account posted this announcement on his Wall earlier this evening.

I'll spare you my analysis of the deal itself because it's really not relevant to hockey.  Long story made short: The casino is back on track, and the casino tax revenues are that much closer to being realized (if Governor Kasich doesn't scuttle things with a cash grab).  As we all know (and some of us predicted long before the news broke), the Columbus Blue Jackets have positioned themselves somewhere in line for the Columbus (or perhaps Franklin County?) share of those new tax monies to support their bid for a municipal takeover of Nationwide Arena.

It's getting closer and closer to crunch time on this issue.  Will Mayor Coleman use the casino tax money to help the CBJ?  Considering the looming state budget cuts and their devastating effect on cities and counties, perhaps the question will become: CAN Mayor Coleman use the casino tax money to support the CBJ?

Tough choices ahead, to be sure.

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